Enjoy your work life

We need to be conservative to preserve traditions. We need to repeat the habitual way to value the corporate culture. We need to ignore our inner voice to create peaceful office atmosphere. Then, do we need to refuse any change to stay where we are now?

Confront your work and organization seriously. Only who dares finds a problem and its solution. Recruitment, education, and organization theories. Now it’s time to set yourself free from those deep-seated beliefs and all the excuses.

If you change your work style, your work will be much more enjoyable. Imagine how good this society will be, when more people work pleasantly. We have strived to increase your comfort in workplace.

Each corporate is unique as we all are. We will provide you an advantage which stands you out among others.

Stop making no change. Design your work.

Pursuit of quality working life

Successfulness and pleasantness in business are compatible.
Your way of life and work should be changed according to the ages.

VISION #001 How? VISION #001
Our solutions to reshape your work that goes with the times.
Recruitment, work style creation, leadership development programs.
VISION #002 Why? VISION #002
Our achievements and goals.
Dilemmas in the field and future technologies.

Corporate Profile


“Hatarakigokochi” means comfort at work. Hatarakigokochi Labo aims more than just work environmental improvements, but something fundamental for human beings. Our cutting-edge creative services renovate your recruitment, human resource development, and your work style to make your everyday work more attractive and enjoyable.

Hatarakigokochi Labo Co., Ltd. President/ Work Style Creat Takanori.F


President Profile

President /
Work Style Creator

Acquired MBA at GLOBIS Graduate School of Business (High achiever). Worked for Accenture, HR Consulting firm, IT company listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers as HR Manager, New Business Development Dept Manager, and Sales Manager. Founded Hatarakigokochi Co., Ltd. in 2007 and supported 70+ companies to improve their work environment and system through “New Neutral Method” and innovative and creative recruitment approaches. Currently focusing on “AI advancement and work style transition.”

Moved with the family from Tokyo to Hazufornia beach, Aichi, which takes for n90 minutes from the office.

Company Name
Hatarakigokochi Labo Co., Ltd.
27 August, 2007
Takanori Fujino
Keiichi Nishida
(President of H&Relations Japan Co., Ltd.)
10 members including diversified business partners; Instructor, Consultant, Theatrical company leader, Graphic and Web designer, Cinematographer, IT engineer, AI researcher, and etc.

Nagoya Office (Head Office)
Dai-san Horiuchi Bldg. 9F, 4-6-23 Meieki, Nakamura, Nagoya, Aichi 450-0002 Japan  
TEL:+81(0)52-589-7183 FAX:+81(0)52-589-7001

Nagoya Satellite Office (Meeting Room)
VIA141-217, 2-23-14 Meieki, Nshi, Nagoya, Aichi 451-0045 Japan
Board member Keiichi Nishida's Office located in the center.

Seaside Office
26 Ichiba, Nishihazuchō, Nishio, Aichi, 444-0703 Japan
The office of WABISABI Co., Ltd. owned by Fujino for an urban escape beside the California-like beach called “Hazufornia” in the South of Aichi.

Any café
Chatting over coffee can sometimes make us more creative than a meeting room.